Tried and Tested Bedroom Storage Solution Ideas

It seems to be an unavoidable consequence of life that we accumulate more and more things as time goes by. Especially in our society of shopping addiction, hoarding, storage units on demand, and trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Putting the usefulness and necessity of these items aside, how to store and arrange everything without feeling like your home is bursting at the seams can be quite the challenge.
Of course, if you find yourself in this situation you wouldn’t be the first or indeed the last. As such numerous tried and tested, storage options are ideal for all areas of the home. In this article though we are going to focus specifically on the bedroom and explore some of the options that you have open to you.

There are two main types of space that we need to optimize for storage: hidden and visible. The hidden spaces can include pre-existing wardrobes, airing cupboards and other such room features that can be taken advantage of.

The inner area of a closet is the perfect place to keep a secondary storage device such as a clothing rail, shoe rack, or some form of hanging shelving device which is typically made from fabric and utilizes Velcro to attach itself to the wardrobe rail. Although the labels of these storage devices may seem quite distinct (clothes rail, shoe rack) their very nature makes them perfect for storing additional items.

Another great secondary hidden storage area is underneath the bed. While not all beds will offer you sufficient space below (such as a divan) if you are lucky enough to have this area free, do make the most of it. Storage items designed for use under the bed include short plastic boxes and vacuum zip bags, which are both easy to find online and pretty cheap.

While the hidden storage devices can be quite cheap due to the lack of necessity to make them visually appealing, the primary storage units in the bedroom are going to be more expensive furniture items such as wardrobes, drawers, desks and bedside tables to list the most commonly found.

A chest of drawers is something that is going to enable you to conveniently store and organise any number of things. Besides the drawers themselves, depending on the construction material and overall quality of the drawer chest, the upper section can be used to house a bulky TV or smaller, more decorative items.

Most bedrooms nowadays have a TV which makes a solid oak chest of drawers a suitable furniture option. Although a lower quality material may be able to stand up to the day-to-day use a chest of drawers is going to be subjected to, the solid oak drawer construction ensures the drawers are capable of supporting heavier loads.

Besides the practical advantages of oak drawers you also get a furniture piece which contributes positively to the ambience of the bedroom. Oak timber exudes natural warmth that generates a homely feel, and with most oak furniture items belonging to larger collections it is easy to furnish the rest of the room in the same consistent furniture style.

In today’s market quality needn’t come at an extortionate price either. If you shop around for oak drawers it isn’t too difficult to find some true value for money bargains.


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