Winter Clothing Storage


Space is the most valuable thing in your home, especially when it comes to storing clothes. Usually, most people keep their clothes in wardrobes. However, the wardrobe space may not be enough to keep all the clothes. Once the spring rolls in, it is mandatory to store your winter clothes. But how will you utilize small space in your home to store winter clothes? Here are creative winter clothing storage solutions you should consider.

How to store winter clothing in small space

Rather than creating seasonal wardrobe because there is no room for storing winter clothing, store your clothes using these simple ways.

#1. Under your bed and furniture

The easiest way to store your winter clothing is to create space under your bed and other furniture. You can pack your winter clothing in an acid-free wrapping and put them in plastic storage boxes under the bed, couches or armchairs. Bed or furniture skirt should be used to cover the items you have stored underneath.

#2. Use vacuum storage bags

These bags will allow you store large piles of winter clothes inside. Use a vacuum hose to remove excess air once the bags are filled to the indicated line. In this case, the bags will shrink up to one-third of the size of the contents inside. In this case, it will much easier to store a bag of clothes under the furniture, behind or between shelves, and the back of your closet. The most exciting thing about using this method is that clothes will not wrinkle.

#3. Use luggage bags

Most people use luggage bags only during trips and eats up space in the rest of year. In this case, you should make use of these bags to avoid eating up space in your apartment. Therefore, you should store winter clothes in the luggage bags when you are not using them. Using this method to store your winter clothing will enable you to make use of that small space in your house.

#4. Use collapsible hangers

Usually, there are clothes that you will not fold for fear of wrinkles. Moreover, you might need such clothes during the rainy season and cold weather. In this case, you will use collapsible hangers at the back of your closet. Unlike traditional hangers, these sturdy hangers will hold more clothes by utilizing a small space.

#5. Turn your boots into a mini storage

Surprisingly, your boots can provide a handy winter clothing storage solutions. Winter clothing such as gloves, scarfs, and hats can comfortably fit into your boots. However, you should ensure that the boots are clean and dry before storing these items. Afterward, you can store your boots inside storage bags or on a shelf in the closet.

#6. Turn boxes into tables

A lot of boxes in your apartment can consume a lot of space. If you prefer storing your clothes in traditional plastic bins, you should stack the boxes and use them as tables. You can disguise the bins by covering them with decorative clothing. This will save a lot of space that bins should have eaten on the tables.


Storing winter clothing can be tricky if you have small space in your apartment. However, the above simple winter clothing storage solutions will enable you to utilize small space in your apartment.






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